Pb8 is a modern, dynamically developing company. We are dealing with purchasing lead ingots and selling high quality starter batteries. We have huge purchase capacity. We have long time experience in importing the goods. To our customers we are offering only high quality car batteries, available with very best competitive prices. We give perfect service to each customer. We are extremely committed to standing behind our products. With pleasure we will help you to create your own brand of starter car batteries. If necessary we will take care of logistic. Our marketing department apart from car batteries and lead ingots imports and exports other goods such as, carpets, nuts(pistachio & raisins), furniture,
agricultural and industrial machinery, coal, and floor laminates.

  • Pb8 Sp. z o.o.

    Address: Ul. Sienkiewicza 1
    39­-300 Mielec, POLAND
    NIP: 817-217-68-58
    REGON: 360171441
    Phone: 00 48 17 250 66 77
    e-mail: pb8@pb8.pl

    Pb8 – Sales Department
    e-mail: sales@pb8.pl

    Pb8 – Purchase Department
    e-mail: purchase@pb8.pl

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